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You join the Job Site Route Network, and fill out a profile. You will add information about your truck, your menu, pictures of your food items, and prices. The Job Site Route app will add 10% to the price of orders through the app. We will provide you with an app that will inform our eating clients of the exact GPS location of your truck, how long you estimate you will remain there, and where you will be headed to next on the route. The app will provide you with a route of all of the active construction sites that are contracted with Job Site Route in LA, and the surrounding cities. Contractors and construction workers, as well as street patrons, will be expecting you to follow the route and schedule. You will receive pre-orders via the Job Site Route app from hungry construction workers and street patrons, to be picked up when you arrive at the destination. This solves the problem of looking for parking, or staying parked where business is slow. On days when you choose to remain parked, all 3 of our food truck apps will still be informing street patrons of your location, and will still process menu orders via the app.
The cost is $100.00 per month, per food truck (some companies have more than one truck).
Fill out the form below to express your interest in joining the Job Site Route network. A representative will contact you directly within the next business day.




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